Student participation

Joining a participational body offers you the opportunity reflect on and discuss important issues. There are several bodies you can join as a student. Make your voice heard and contribute to the future of Radboud University.

Participational bodies

University Student Council

Every year, a select group of students forms the University Student Council (USC). They are responsible for overseeing and contributing to the policies of our university. The USC represents the interests of students and has consent and advisory rights.

Themes: education quality, budget, student welfare, social safety, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability
Consults with: Works Council and Executive Board
Duration: 1 year
Election period: May/June

Faculty Student Council

Each faculty has its own Faculty Student Council (FSC). As a member of the FSC, you consult and advise on a wide range of issues that affect your faculty. You also participate in discussions about educational content and other faculty-wide themes.

Themes: education policy, direction, facilities and amenities, internationalisation, ICT
Consults with: Works Council and Faculty Board
Duration: 1 year
Election period: May/June

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee (PC) issues advice on important educational issues for a specific programme. That is why each programme has its own PC. The committee helps to safeguard the quality of education by making recommendations to improve the quality of teaching and education at the university.

Themes: evaluating courses and the Examination and Education Regulations (EER), innovation
Consults with: Faculty Board
Duration: 1 year
Election period: May/June and September

Meeting with other bodies

University Joint Assembly

During the University Joint Assembly (UGV), students and employees discuss university-wide topics with the Executive Board. The UGV assembly’s agenda includes matters that relate to general and strategic policy. Agendas and meeting minutes of the UGV can be viewed by students and staff.

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Faculty Joint Assembly

Each faculty has a Faculty Joint Assembly (FGV), which is where the Faculty Student Council and the Representative Council confer with the Faculty Board. The FGV assembly’s agenda includes matters that relate to educational policy and the faculty’s facilities.

Contact information

Questions about student participation? Please contact the Official Employee Participation Secretary.