Applying as a candidate

Do you want to contribute to the future of the university? You can do so by applying as a candidate for Radboud University's student participation.


Elections for the University Student Council (USC) and Faculty Student Council (FSC) take place every year in May or June. The elections for the Programme Committees (PC) take place every year in May or June for some of the bodies, and in September for the rest.

Keep an eye on the website for student participation, the monthly newsletter and our Instagram page for more information on future elections.


You can easily apply as a candidate online for the upcoming student elections using the button below. You can do this from 22 April to 7 May. On the digital form, enter your personal details (name and student number), the participational body for which you are applying, and the details of your candidate list.

What has changed since 2023?

  • You apply for candidacy online. You no longer need to physically hand in your application form.
  • Every candidate must apply themselves. It is no longer possible to apply for someone else.
  • You no longer need to collect support signatures.

List system

At Radboud University, we work with a list system. This means that you stand for election by submitting a candidate list. You can do this individually or jointly with other candidates, for example because you share the same ideas. You fill in the list when you apply online. You do not have to submit a separate file.

A list has a number of requirements:

  • A list must have a name. If you are on a list together with other candidates, you have to fill in the same list name on the form.
  • A list contains a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 15 candidates.
  • Candidates are on a list in a certain order. Each candidate has his own list position, indicated by a number. This order is important and can affect the distribution of seats. On the form, you must indicate your position on the list.

Apply as a candidate

Contact information

Questions about the procedure or list system? If so, please contact current members of the participational bodies for which you wish to apply or send an e-mail to the Official Secretariat for Employee Participation via mz [at]