PPO offer - Study skills

Check out the full PPD offer on the topic of study skills.

  • Webinar studeren met dyslexie

    Ben je een nieuwe student aan de Radboud Universiteit en heb je vragen over studeren met dyslexie? Volg dan de webinar 'Studeren met dyslexie'.

  • Self-help Studying Successfully

    Self-help Studying Successfully

    Studying Successfully is a self-help in Brightspace. It is designed for students that want to improve their study behavior and feel that can they can do so by themselves in their own time.

  • Webinar writing a thesis

    Webinar writing a thesis

    This webinar is for bachelor and master students who are writing their thesis and don’t know what to expect or know how to successfully complete this project.

  • Webinar successful planning

    Webinar successful planning

    The webinar 'Successful Planning' will introduce you to the principles of planning: short- and long-term planning, feasible and realistic planning, your energy balance and evaluating & adjusting your planning.

  • Webinar Successful Studying

    Are you in doubt about your convenient way of studying? The webinar Successful Studying will help you get started.

  • Self-help module thesis writing (Dutch)

    Self-help module thesis writing (Dutch)

    The Dutch self-help module thesis writing is for students who are starting their (bachelor's or master's) thesis and don't know exactly what to do.

  • Self-help thesis writing

    Self-help thesis writing

    The self-help module thesis writing is for students who want to start their (bachelor or master) thesis but don’t know exactly how it works.

  • Academic Writing Skills

    You have to write a paper for a research course, or you will be starting your Bachelor’s or Master's thesis this academic year. This course supports you during the writing process.