Financial support for participational bodies

If you serve on one of the participational bodies, you will receive financial support from Radboud University. You will be given this type of support because of the study delay that you may incur due to the duties that you are carrying out for the participational bodies. 

Amount of financial support

You are entitled to support if you serve on one of the university’s participational bodies. This type of support is a gift and it is tax free. The amount of financial support for the 2022-2023 academic year is €308,81 per month. 

The number of months for which you are entitled to support will depend on the position that you hold in the participational bodies. View the various positions and the corresponding number of months of financial support in the Profiling Fund Regulation

If you are entitled to nine months of financial support or more, you will need to write a personal plan. This plan will need to be submitted before 1 October in the academic year in which you are due to receive the financial support. You can submit your plan in OSIRIS. For this purpose, please use the guidelines for writing a personal plan below. 


The administrative load of the participational bodies positions is not assessed on a regular basis. However, you may voluntarily request an assessment. The administrative load will be reviewed during the assessment, and once this has been carried out, the administrative load and the corresponding financial support can subsequently be adjusted upwards or downwards. 

Please use the 'Request for financial support for student board members and participational bodies' form below to request an assessment. The form will open at the start of the academic year. You will need to request the assessment before 15 November.