Rooms for student organisations

Student organisations with a heavier board load (from 5 months onwards) can apply for office or storage space. Student and faculty associations can apply to their own faculty, other student organisations follow the instructions on this page.


A number of spaces for offices and storage are available in the Ondergang of the Elinor Ostrom building. When allocating spaces, Radboud University takes into account wishes and needs as well as space constraints. Where possible, use is made of flex spaces where student organisations share an office.

For whom

You are eligible for a space if:

  • your student organisation is accredited;
  • your student organisation receives financial support in the form of board months;
  • there is a clear need and requirement for a permanent space.


Spaces on campus are redistributed once every three years. Even if you already use an office or storage in the Ondergang, it is important that you submit an application. The next review of distribution will be in the spring of 2026.

Requesting office and storage space

Student organisations with a heavier workload may request a room so that it can be used as office or storage space. Start-up organisations and smaller organisations may request office space that can be shared with other student organisations. This type of space is called a flex space. Your student organisation will be eligible for a room if the organisation:

  • Is an accredited organisation;
  • Receives financial support;
  • Is clearly in need of and urgently requires a permanent space.

Rooms on the campus are reallocated once every three years. The next assessment for the allocation is in spring of 2023. Your student organisation will receive an invitation by email to register for the allocation of rooms. For this purpose, the Student Organisation Premises Application form below can be used.