Financial support for student board members

If you are a student board member, you may be entitled to receive financial support from Radboud University. You will be given this type of support because of the study delay that you may experience due to the work that you are carrying out for the student organisation. 

Amount of financial support

As a student, you are entitled to support if the administrative activities that you are carrying out in a student organisation have been acknowledged by the Executive Board (CvB), and via assessment it is decided that your student organisation will receive financial support. This type of support is a gift and it is tax free. For the academic year 2023-2024, the amount is €345,45 per month.

The financial support will be granted to the student organisation for which you are carrying out administrative work, and is applied for and disbursed on a personal basis. .

All student organisations that are entitled to financial support, will receive an email for requesting it at the beginning of September. You will find the amount of financial support for your student organisation in the attached document 'distribution financial support'. The amount of support will be divided equally among the board members. For example, if your organisation receives eight months’ worth of financial support for four board members, each member will receive two months’ worth of support.

If your organisation is entitled to nine months of financial support or more, you will need to write a personal plan. This plan will need to be submitted before 1 November in the academic year in which you are due to receive the financial support. You can submit your plan in OSIRIS. For this purpose, please use the manual 'Guidelines Personal Plan' below. 


The amount of financial support that student organisations receive from Radboud University is determined by a biennial assessment. An interim voluntary assessment may also be requested. For this purpose, please use the 'Administrative Load Assessment Form'. Assessment takes place in the fall of each year, and is in effect from the academic year that follows.

After the assessment, the financial support may remain the same, but it can also be adjusted upwards or downwards. The assessment will be carried out by an assessment committee and the Executive Board (CvB). Find out more about the assessment committee’s criteria and methodology in the Profiling Fund Regulation

Mandatory assessment

Student organisations that receive financial support are subject to a mandatory assessment every three years. This assessment will review the board's governance load, outreach, activities and the number of members, among other things. The next mandatory assessment is in the fall of 2025.

Voluntary assessment

You can also have your student organisation assessed voluntarily. This may be useful for new student organisations, organisations that have not previously received any financial support or organisations that have grown considerably in any one year, which has subsequently resulted in an increased administrative load.

Collaboration with HAN University of Applied Sciences

Only Radboud University students will receive financial support from the university. If your board also includes HAN students, you will also need to report to HAN. Every year, HAN reviews the financial support for the student organisations it recognises.

You will need to submit your request before 15 October if: 

  • Your student organisation has not previously received any financial support from HAN, or; 
  • Your student organisation’s accreditation has expired or your organisation has not been accredited by HAN before.

Please note: an accreditation at Radboud University is not equivalent to an accreditation from HAN.

In all other cases, HAN will contact you about the assessment. Your request for board months will need to be submitted before 15 November. If you have any questions, please contact HAN as soon as possible by sending an email to bestuursbeurzen [at]

Additional support

If your student organisation has organised activities that have resulted in an extra administrative load, your organisation may request additional support. This is called 'incidental financial support' and can be requested for the current academic year. The deadline for this request is 1 March at 13.00 hours. For this purpose, please use the 'Request for Incidental Financial Support' form. 

Your request will be reviewed by an assessment committee, which will examine the magnitude of the additional administrative load in relation to the target group for the activities. A maximum of 100 months of extra support may be granted per academic year.

Request for financial support for student board members and participational bodies