Email and calendar

Using and setting up your email account and Outlook calendar.

  • Installing your email and calendar on your mobile phone

    You can install your email and calendar on your mobile phone, so that you can use them while you are on the move. Follow the manual for installing these features.

  • Forwarding your mail to another account

    You can set up a forward from your Radboud mailaddress to another internal mail account. This can be practical, but for privacy reasons, we recommend being selective with the permissions you set.

  • Mail gebruiken

    Je kunt Outlook (in het Office-pakket) gebruiken om je mail te lezen. In Outlook log je in met je Radboud-account.

  • Suspicious emails or ‘phishing’

    If you receive an email from an unknown sender asking you to share information, be alert. It could be phishing; this is an attempt to defraud by way of a digital scam.