Multiple accounts

Some staff and students have multiple accounts. For example, you may have a separate account for when you study and a separate account for when you work at Radboud University.

The university is in the process of transitioning from multiple accounts per person to one account per person.

If you currently have multiple accounts this means the following for you:

  • The first account you were given is your Radboud account. We call this the main account. Your Radboud account and your Radboud email address are the same: firstname.surname [at] Depending on the role, the account is linked to a U, S or E number.
  • Any additional account (like an account with an E-number) is a secondary account.
  • Your main account gives access to mail and your personal folders. So you have only one mailbox/agenda. And you have only one personal folder.
  • You only use the secondary account for some facilities. For example Brightspace, Ans and Osiris.
  • The icons on the login pages of Radboud University ICT services indicate the way you can log in:
    • Het @-icon means logging in with your Radboud account.
    • Het USEZ-icon means logging in with your U-, S-, E- or Z-number.


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