Off-campus access to files

If you need to access your files on your Homedrive/U-drive, workgroup folders or departement folders when you are off-campus, you can use the RU-Connect program. To have access to your files in Teams or on your OneDrive there is no RU-connect required.

RU-Connect (Homedrive & Onedrive) for Windows

RU-Connect (Homedrive) for Mac

RU-Connect (Onedrive) for Mac

Use RU-Connect for macOS

When installing RU-Connect for Onedrive, you will be asked once to give permission to open Onedrive.
Download, install and open RU-Connect and follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure that all Internet Available, Within RU Network, circles are marked. If this is not the case, RU-Connect will not function properly.
  2. Enter your Radboud username (Example: U123456) or your email address and the corresponding Radboud password and click on 'Login'. 
  3. Once logged in, a new window will appear, click on the desired folder that you want to open. 

If you get a second login screen, enter your information again. Do not save it in the Keychain on your Mac!

Which version of RU-Connect should I choose

Did you join Radboud University in 2023? If so, choose the Onedrive version.

Are you an employee with a U-drive, but have not yet migrated to Onedrive? Then choose the Homedrive version. You will eventually receive emails telling you when to update RU-Connect.

If you have migrated to Onedrive and no longer have Homedrive, choose the Onedrive version as well.


Need help? You can contact:

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