Sports advice and support

Services related to sports that you can use as a student or employee, such as sports advice and physiotherapy.

  • Fitness test (FTP-bike test)

    RSC offers a fitness test in the form of an FTP cycling test. This is a test for the average power (watts) you can sustain over 40 to 60 minutes at maximum.

  • FMS Test

    FMS stands for Functional Movement Screen. This is a rating system for screening functional (fundamental) movement patterns.

  • Physiotherapy practice Ysveld Fysio

    The physiotherapy practice of Ysveld Fysio, located on the first floor of the Gymnasion, offers a full range of treatments and therapies.

  • Running analysis

    During a running analysis, an experienced instructor will look at the way you run and give you advice for your training.

  • Individual guidance (sports) dietitian

    Do you have more profound questions about nutrition & sports or nutrition & health, or would you like to start individual guidance by a professional?

  • Medical checklist

    We like that you want to come and enjoy our sports offer, but also think it is important that this is medically responsible for you!

  • Mental sports coaching

    Fontys Mental Sports Coaching is a coaching agency located in the Gymnasion that offers individual ticket hours of mental sports coaching and workshops in mental sports coaching to members.

  • Measurement body composition

    In our gym we offer body composition measurements. This allows you to find out what your body fat percentage is and your muscle mass.

  • Sports and coaching in event of study delay

    Getting to know yourself and your own motivation are important keys to successful study. Through sports-coaching, you acquire insights that are extremely useful for effective study.

  • Apply for sports advice

    Are you not sure which sport suits you or do you have a specific question about the content of our extensive sports program? Then apply for sports advice.

  • Students Top-tier Sports Fund

    The Students Top-tier Sports Fund provides grants to students who participate in top-tier sports events.

  • Training schedules and fitness tests

    If want to take up running or cycling or you’d like to start working out, here are some training schedules and fitness tests that can help you.

  • Nutrition: information, advice and guidance

    You can come to Radboud Sport & Culture for various forms of advice on (sports) nutrition. From general nutritional advice to tailored advice and individual guidance.