My Radboud account

If you are going to study or work at Radboud University, you will receive a personal Radboud account. This account gives you access to the apps and systems you need for study or work, and at the same time you use it as your Radboud e-mail address. The account name consists of: firstname.lastname [at]

Activate your Radboud account

To activate your account, you will automatically receive two emails at your specified private email address. The first e-mail contains a suggestion for your username. The second e-mail contains the activation code and instructions to activate your account. The activation code is only valid for a short period, so don't wait too long to activate. 

Transition to one account

Since 2022, all staff and students have one Radboud account. Previously, there were separate accounts for students (the S number), employees (the U number) or guests (the E number). Because we are currently in a transition, you may still need an old account to log in to certain apps or systems.

Icons at login screens

The icons on login pages tell you which account you can use to log in with:

Icoon Radboud-account

= log in with your Radboud-account

Icoon U/S/E/Z account

= log in with your U-,S-,E-,Z-number

Watch the video (in Dutch) for an explanation of your Radboud account and the transition situation: