Contacting the Examination Board

What are the tasks of the examination board? 

All faculties - and sometimes individual programmes - have an examination committee. This committee monitors the academic level of the study programmes and ultimately determines whether you meet the requirements of the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) of your study programme. Some of the tasks of the examination committee (may differ per faculty): 

  • Ensuring the organisation and coordination of examinations within the relevant programme or group of programmes, including the appointment of examiners.
  • Establish guidelines and instructions within the framework of the OER to assess and determine the result of examinations and exams.
  • Handle complaints about the conduct of an examination or an assessment of an examination/examination.
  • Determining the result of an examination.
  • Deciding on exemption requests.
  • Approving the filling of free space.
  • Supervising the order in which examinations are taken.
  • Granting an extra resit.
  • Supervising the period of validity of examinations passed.
  • Determining fraud and imposing sanctions in case of fraud. 

Note!  The examination committee is not a question centre. If you have questions about the study programme, or just informative questions about the administration of your study progress, your first point of contact is the STIP desk or your student advisor. The student advisor can also help you to submit a correct request to the examination board.  


Below you will find further information on the examination board of your faculty or institute. The contact details are also given here.