Lodging a complaint

If you, as a student, have been treated improperly by a lecturer or university staff member, you can submit a complaint to the Central Office Legal Protection Students. Complaints should be about an incident, action or someone's behaviour. Therefore, they cannot be against a general regulation. If you cannot solve the problem together or if you do not want to address the person about whom the complaint is made (yourself), you can do so at the Central Office Legal Protection Students. Section 3.4 and Appendix 6 of the Administrative and management regulations describe how, from 1 January 2024, student complaints will be handled.

Central Office Legal Protection Students

 Complaints about undesirable behaviour

Is the complaint about undesirable behaviour (discrimination, (sexual) harassment, aggression or violence)? You can contact the Radboud University's confidential advisors for this. They can inform, advise and support you. For example, when submitting a complaint to the Complaints Committee on Undesirable Behaviour.

Confidential advisor students

Confidential advisor employees