On this page you can find an overview of all counsellors you can turn to for help and extra support. Read more about our social workers, student psychologists, student counsellors, study advisors, study trainers, confidential advisors and study and career advisors.

Flowchart student counsellors

Who can help me?

Running into a problem or looking for personal advice? We have several counsellors you can turn to for tailored advice. This flow chart will help you find the right counsellor for your problem.

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  • Career Officer

    If you are still unsure about what you want to do after your studies and/or want to know how to work on your career already, you are able to receive free advice from a Career Officer from your faculty.

  • Social worker

    Our social workers can help international students with challenges and problems you may encounter when adjusting to a new environment.

  • Student counsellor

    The student counsellor can help you with questions or problems relating to rules and regulations, financial support or personal circumstances.

  • Student psychologist

    If you have psychological issues or complaints that affect your studies, you can receive guidance from a student psychologist.

  • Study advisor

    Each programme has its own study advisor who provides information about the study programme and advises students on decisions during their studies.

  • Study and career advisor

    The study and career advisor can help you if you are uncertain about your choice of study or your future career.

  • Study trainer

    If you are having trouble with your studies, our study trainers can provide the necessary guidance.

  • Confidential Advisers Students

    Students who do not feel safe in their studies, internships or coships, are faced with a conflict, suffer from undesirable behaviour, such as (sexual) harassment, bullying or discrimination, can contact a confidential advisor.