Career Officer

If you are still unsure about what you want to do after your studies and/or want to know how to work on your career already, you are able to receive free advice from a Career Officer from your faculty. 

Who is eligible?

You are eligible for support from a Career Officer if you are a student at Radboud University or if you have deregistered from Radboud University no longer than six months ago. Career Officers can help you if you, for example:

  • Want to further explore your own qualities, interests and motivations in relation to the job market;
  • Want to know more about internships, jobs or organisations that suit you;
  • Want to develop skills related to job applications, such as writing your resume or practicing for a job interview.

What does guidance from a Career Officer entail?

The Career Officers from Radboud University can offer:

  • Individual consultancy: brainstorm about your future career with a Career Officer from your faculty that is specialized in the field related to your study programme;
  • Workshops; learn about a specific topic around career orientation and job application
  • Career Daysdiscover who you are, what you want and what you can do and how this can help finding a suitable job in one day;
  • The Brightspace Toolbox Career Orientation: prepare for your next step with online videos, tests and handouts; 
  • Career Central: career platform where you can find job openings and talk to alumni about their career. 

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Career Officer

Make an appointment

Each faculty has a Career Officer who has relevant information about the job market and can advise students about their future careers. If you want to schedule a meeting with a Career Officer, navigate to the Officer of your faculty and click ‘make an appointment’.

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