Student chaplains

The chaplains are available for personal, confidential conversations. Topics can include things you are struggling with, such as difficult life choices, your studies, relationships with others and loneliness, or your own ambitions, sexuality, questions about belief, values or meaning. The chaplains offer a listening ear for things you might not be comfortable to discuss with your parents, friends and teachers.

At least one pastor is present every weekday.  You can stop by spontaneously or schedule a meeting by emailing one of the student chaplains directly.

Our chaplains

Walk-in hour HAN campus

Nicole Schubert is the chaplain specifically for HAN students and staff.

When and where: Email for an appointment with nicole.schubert [at] (nicole[dot]schubert[at]han[dot]nl) or stop by after the guided meditation (on Thursdays 12.30 - 13.00 at Kapittelweg 35, room 4.38)


024 361 91 88

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