Study advisor

Each programme has its own study advisor who provides information about the study programme and advises students about making decisions during their studies. Appointments with study advisors are free of charge.

When do you consult the study advisor?

The study advisor is your first point of contact for questions or problems. This may be about:

  • Your study programme outline, including how the study programme has been structured;
  • Doubts about your choice of study, or choosing a Master’s programme;
  • The course content of your minor;
  • Your academic plan, which includes information such as when to plan your study abroad;
  • Identifying problems (personal or otherwise) and helping to solve such problems that may be affecting your academic progress, such as examination stress, study skills, or motivation;
  • Organising provisions for study delay due to illness or other special circumstances;
  • Help in resolving student complaints;
  • Mediation between students and lecturers;
  • Orientation in the labour market as you near the end of your studies.

If the study advisor is not able to offer you the help that you need, they may refer you to another form of Student Support within or outside of Radboud University.

Making an appointment

Schedule an appointment with your study advisor via the page of your faculty’s Student Information Point (STIP)


For more information, please contact the Central Student Desk. The Central Student Desk is available on weekdays.

+31 24 361 23 45

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