Study trainer

If you are having trouble with your studies, our study trainers can provide the necessary guidance, free of charge.

Who is eligible?

Study trainers can provide assistance to anyone who:

  • Is suffering from procrastination;
  • Is unable to structure their study habits;
  • Is unable to find a balance between studying and leisure time;
  • Is experiencing emotional problems because of the way in which they study;
  • Wants to learn how to process information effectively and efficiently;
  • Wants to learn how to deal with stress;
  • Is suffering from fear of failure;
  • Lacks motivation or discipline or finds it difficult to concentrate;
  • Has failed to make progress with their thesis;
  • Continues to fail for a specific course.

Available support

Radboud University’s study trainers offer:

You can also take one of the online training courses at Gezondeboel. For this purpose, you will need to create an account with your Radboud email address. Visit

Studieloopbaanadviseur André Baars

Requesting guidance

In order to decide which kind of support best suits your questions, please fill in the intake form. After filling in the form, you can schedule an intake interview with a study trainer. During this intake interview, you will discuss what your questions are and what kind of help you need.

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For more information, please contact the Central Student Desk. The Central Student Desk is available on weekdays.

+31 24 361 23 45

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