Combining studying with being a top athlete

If you are a top athlete who is studying at Radboud University, we can offer the necessary support.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who has been awarded one of the following statuses is eligible for support:

  • A top athlete status from NOC*NSF or;
  • A regional status from Topsport Gelderland.

If you have not yet achieved this status, but you believe that you are eligible, apply for your top athlete status by using the Topsport Application Form. 

Available support

Radboud University can offer top athletes:

  • Guidance from our topsportcoordinator and counselling from a student psychologist;
  • Advice on a fitting study programme;
  • The option of adapted studying;
  • Financial compensation for study delay;
  • Career advice after graduation.
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Requesting guidance

If you require guidance, please make an appointment with topsportcoordinator Sofie van Breemen. 

Online appointment

Appointment on campus

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