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Whether you are just starting your studies or have been studying for a while, sometimes you could use a little extra support. At Gezondeboel you will find online self-help programmes on topics such as mental health, structure in your life or money matters. These programmes not only help you improve your study skills, but also strengthen your mental wellbeing. For students at Radboud University, these online self-help programmes are available for free and anonymously. You can follow the programmes whenever and wherever you want.

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Student Health Check

Radboud University has developed a student health test in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. In the health test, you answer questions about your state of mind and (physical) wellbeing. This way you can see how healthy you are. You can also compare your health with other students, of course completely anonymized.

Upon completion of the test, your results will be sent to you by email and you will receive feedback, tips to improve your health yourself and local referrals to facilities that can help you do so. Among other things, this student health check will help you choose a self-help programme at Gezondeboel.

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Do you often take too much alcohol or drugs? Do you worry about your gaming behaviour and find it increasingly difficult to quit?

Then you can turn to Moti4. Have a conversation with a prevention worker and examine the state of your use or gaming behaviour.

The prevention worker will help you set your goals and give you tips on how to work on them. You can set your own goals and pace. You do not need a referral from your doctor and Moti4 is completely free. 

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