Studying with extra provisions

Students may need provisions in order to study successfully due to a specific request for help or a disability. For example, extra examination time or screen reading software. The standard list of student-related provisions lists the provisions available at Radboud University.

Applying for provisions

Follow the steps below to apply for provisions. We advise you to make an appointment with the student cousellor and student advisor at the beginning of the academic year, well in advance of the start of an exam period.

  1. Make an appointment with a student counsellor and bring, for example, the declaration of your diagnosis with you. After the appointment, the student counsellor will advise you on the facilities you need and will record this in a guidance agreement. You can consult this agreement in OSIRIS.
  2. Then make an appointment with your study advisor. You will discuss the guidance agreement and the provisions you have been advised with your student advisor. The study advisor submits these provisions to the examination committee. This committee makes the final decision about the provisions. In some cases, the study advisor can directly allocate facilities on behalf of the examination board. Once these facilities have been granted, you are entitled to them.

Have you been granted a provision?

Once they have been granted, you can add the facilities to your examination registration. If you were already registered for an examination and the provision was not granted until later, you will have to deregister from the examination (not for the course!), re-enrol before the registration deadline, and add the facilities to your exam registration. If you need help with this, please contact your study advisor.



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