Studying with a buddy

If you have a disability that affects your studies at Radboud University, a buddy can provide the necessary support. Please note that this project is currently only available in Dutch. 

Who is eligible?

Anyone who has one of the following disabilities or conditions is eligible for support:

  • A mental disability, such as depression, ADHD, autism, or a personality disorder;
  • A physical disability or a chronic illness;
  • A Dutch first year student.

Available support

A Radboud University buddy can help you to:

  • Structure your day; 
  • Plan and organise your studies and other activities; 
  • Understand how the university works; 
  • Collaborate with your fellow students and communicate effectively with your lecturers;
  • Build a new social network; 
  • Manage your own household affairs. 

Requesting support 

If you require support from a study buddy:

On average, an appointment with the student counsellor lasts 20 minutes, so we suggest that you book a double appointment to give yourself more time. When you book your appointment, make sure that you select ‘Buddy project’ in the subject field. Please note that this project is currently only available in Dutch. 

Contact department

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