Requesting literature from other libraries

If a book in the Radboud University collection is not present or has been lent, you can apply for an interlibrary loan (ILL) from any library in the Netherlands, through RUQuest. You can also request copies of articles or extracts from books that are not available in the Nijmegen collection. 

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Who is allowed to use ILL?

•      Any staff member or student at Radboud University or staff member of RadboudUMC can submit an ILL application with their RUQuest login, free of charge. You do need to have activated your campus card as a library card.

•      If you are a paying member, an alumnus with an activated Alumni Benefits Card or a student of the Open University (with a valid borrower's pass), you too can submit an ILL application with your RUQuest login. The fee you have to pay will be displayed on your library account. You can pay the fee at the Service Counters. When you submit your application, you automatically agree to the fee.

•      If you're a student or staff member at the HAN or another university or university of applied sciences, you can submit an ILL application through your own institute.

•      Commercial institutions are excluded from ILL.


For alumni, students of the Open University and external borrowers, an ILL application costs €13 per book. Important: For works that consist of more than one part, this fee is per part delivered. An application for a copy costs €6.50 per article. The fee will be added to the borrower's account when the pdf you applied for has been delivered.

Borrowing books or requesting copies through ILL

Have you found a book or article that isn't present or available in the Radboud University's collection, or has already been lent, but is present in another Dutch library?

  • Click on the title of the book in RUQuest.
  • Use the button 'Request item other libraries' to open the application form
  • Check the form, fill in any missing details and send your application.

When books requested are delivered, we will send you a collection message by email. Copies delivered (PDF) will be placed in the RUQuest User Portal for you. For copies, we send you an email with a password you can use to download the PDF.  We will not notify you if an ILL request cannot be supplied. You can check that yourself in the RUQuest User Portal.

Please note: material requested may only be used for private study or research for non-commercial objectives. You are personally responsible for entering and keeping up to date the correct email address that the copies requested are to be sent to. Nijmegen University Library is not liable in cases where you do not receive the copies. E-books are excluded from ILL due to licensing conditions, both for loan and copy. Applications for reference only book will be cancelled. We will notify you about that.

Repayment of balance on ILL account

If you still have a balance on your ILL account and you would like it paid back into your personal account or a department budget, send an email to ILLoffice [at] stating your first and last name and the number of your borrower's pass.

•       If you would like the amount paid into a personal bank account, give us the name of the account, the place, IBAN, and BIC/SWIFT numbers if the money is to be transferred to a foreign bank account.

•       To have the amount paid into a department budget, give us the cost centre number and the name of your faculty/department.

Applications to a foreign library

If publications are only present in a foreign library, they cannot be requested through RUQuest. Instead, use the form below.


  • Paper copy/digital 1-10 page's: €12
  • Every page above 10 page's: €1.20
  • Borrowing books, per cover: €12

If the actual costs are more, they will be charged. For staff members at Radboud University and RadboudUMC, the costs will be charged to your faculty/service/department budget number.


Need any help? University Library staff will answer your questions.

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