Regulations for the use of the library of Radboud University

Article 1

The library locations of Radboud University are public spaces where everyone is welcome.

Article 2
Access to print and digital collection

Borrowing from the print collection

Anyone can borrow or consult materials from the print collection of the Radboud University.

Non-borrowable items can be consulted in the library. Special Collections can only be consulted in the Heritage Collections Reading Room.

Digital library collection

Consulting the digital library collections and using the computer and network facilities are subject to the terms and conditions of use of the Digital Library and the University Library's privacy statement.

Article 3
Obligations borrower/borrowed publications

  • The borrower is liable for damage to or loss of the borrowed publication until it has been returned to the library, irrespective of how or by whom the damage or loss was caused.
  • In case of loss or damage of a borrowed publication, the borrower will be charged to replace it.
  • Borrowers, who do not return borrowed publications on time, are excluded from borrowing until they have returned the items and/or the costs incurred have been paid.

Article 4
Rules of conduct

To ensure a pleasant study environment, there are rules of conduct. These can be found in the library locations.
Failure to comply with the rules of conduct may result in a visitor being removed from the library and, if necessary, denied access to the library. 

Article 5
Complaints procedure

In cases not covered by these regulations, or if you disagree with these regulations, you may write to the Head of User Support. Please use the Ask Your Librarian form for this purpose.