Reserving a space with the Planon app

With the mobile Planon-app you can book a room or workplace and see its occupancy. Using the QR code next to the room or workplace, you can book directly. Already using the app and getting error message? Uninstall the app and reinstall it.


  1. Download app and log in

    Download Planon from the App store (iOS) or Play store (Android).

    qr-code Planon-app
    1. After downloading, launch Planon.
    2. At Company URL, enter once:
    3. Enter your RU username and password. The app is now ready to use.
  2. Bookings

    1. On the home screen, choose whether you want to reserve a room, workplace or facility.  
    2. Choose the building, floor and set the date and time of the reservation. 
      If necessary, adjust the number of people attending; the app looks for rooms for four people by default.   
    3. A list of available rooms/workplaces is displayed. 
    4. You can also view them via the 'Map' option; a floor plan shows the available rooms/workplaces. 
    5. Select a room/workplace/facility from the list or from the map and the details page appears. 
    6. Tap the button Book and the reservation is made.


  3. Book directly via the QR code at the room/workplace

    Bookable rooms and workstations usually have a QR code by the door or on the desk. 

    1. Scan this QR code using the scan function in the app
    2. The details page shows the availability.
    3. If the room/workplace is free, you can book it directly.
  4. Adjust reservation - change time

    1. Select the reservation you want to modify. 
    2. Tap the button Edit, slide the time period to the desired time and confirm.
    3. While the reservation is running, you can extend the end time (provided the room is available). Select the time period and use the white slider to extend it to the desired time.
    4. You can also end the reservation immediately (if you leave the room/workplace earlier). 
  5. Adjust reservation - change date

    Want to change the date of a reservation? Then make a new reservation on the correct date and cancel the existing reservation.

  6. Change default settings

    Under the More icon (ººº) , you can change the default building setting.  

    1. Tap 'More'.
    2. Tap the Building icon at the top right of the screen.
    3. Select a building from the list.
  7. Mark favourite room/workplace

    In the app, you can add several rooms or workplaces to a list of favourites.

    1. Tap Book a room or Book a workplace.
    2. Select a room/workplace from the list.
    3. Tap the star icon at the top right of the screen and mark the room as a favourite.
    4. The favourite space/workplace appears at the top of the list of available spaces when you next book it.
    5. To remove a space/workplace from the list of favourites, tap the star icon. The room/workplace is removed from the list.
  8. Set filters

    With presetting filters, the result of reservation options is tailored to your preferences. Filters can be set after selecting the Book a room or Book a workplace button.