Reserving a space with the Planon Live app

With FACE's mobile app, Planon Live, you can reserve a room or workplace and see its occupancy. Using the QR code next to the room or workplace, you can view the occupancy and book directly.


  1. Please note that the login url of the Planon Live app has temporarily changed. Please log in again at:

  2. Download app and log in

    Download Planon Live from the App store (iOS) or Play store (Android).

    download in App Store of Play Store
    1. After downloading, launch Planon Live.
    2. At Company URL, enter once: or scan the QR code from within the app.
    3. Enter your RU username and password. The app is now ready to use.
    Inloggen Planon Live-app
  3. Use of the app

    The Planon Live app offers several options for reserving a room/workplace.

    •     From the home page.
    •     From 'My reservations'.
    •     From the floor plan.
    •     With the scanning function and the QR code of the room/workplace.
  4. Book a room or workplace via the homepage

    1. Tap Book a room or Book a workplace.
    2. Set the reservation date and desired building.
      Note: by default, the date and building are set to the current date-time and your default location.
    3. A list of available rooms/workplaces is displayed. The 'Free until' field shows how long a room or workstation is available. If there are no other reservations that day, the building's closing time is shown here.
    4. Select a room/workplace from the list and the details page of the selected room/workplace appears.
    5. Tap the button Book now.
    6. Select the duration of the reservation.
    7. The reservation is made.


    Adjust time-date-building
    Select duration
  5. Book a room/workplace via 'My reservations'

    1. Tap the menu in 'My reservations', then tap the plus icon in the top-right corner. The reservation options are displayed at the bottom of the page.
    2. Adjust the date or building if necessary, select a room/workplace from the list and the detail page of the selected room/workplace appears.
    3. Tap the Book button.
    4. Select the duration of the reservation.
    5. The reservation is made.
    Reserve space via My reservations
  6. Book a room via the floor plan

    1. On the home page, tap Book a room.
    2. Set the booking start date and time.
    3. Choose a building and floor.
    4. Tap the Location icon at the top right of the bar or swipe right to switch from list view to floor plan view.
      The coloured rooms on the floor plan indicate availability.
      - Green: available
      - Grey: not available
      - Orange: occupied soon (within 30 minutes)
      - Red: occupied
    5. Select an available room on the floor plan and the details page of the selected room will appear.
    6. Tap Book now to make the reservation and select an end time for the reservation.
    7. The reservation is made. The reserved space is highlighted in blue on the floor plan.
    Book via floorplan
    Book via floorplan
  7. Book a room/workplace directly via the QR code

    Via the QR code, you can immediately see the occupancy of a room/workplace. If the room/workplace is free at the time of scanning, you can reserve the room/workplace immediately. Is the room occupied? Favour the space/workplace and make a reservation for another time using one of the above methods.

    1. Scan the QR code of a room/workplace using the scan function in the app.
    2. The details page shows the availability of the space/workplace.
    3. Book the space/workplace directly.
    Book via qr code

    More options

  8. Adjust reservation

    In 'My reservations' you can extend, cancel or end the reservation. Extending can only be done when no next reservation is scheduled.

    1. Tap the button Adjust to extend or cancel an existing reservation in advance.
    2. During the duration of the reservation, you can extend the end time or end the reservation immediately (if the duration of the reservation turns out to be shorter).
    Adjust reservation
  9. Adjust starting date/time

    Want to change the start time/date of reservation? Then make a new reservation on the correct date and cancel the existing reservation.

    Booking a room/workplace is not possible:

    • outside the building's opening hours;
    • if the room/workplace is occupied.
  10. Change default settings

    Under the More icon ( ººº) , you can change the default building setting.  

    1. Tap 'More'.
    2. Tap the Building icon at the top right of the screen.
    3. Select a building from the list.
    Change default building
  11. Mark favourite room/workplace

    In the app, you can add several rooms or workplaces to a list of favourites.

    1. Tap Book a room or Book a workplace.
    2. Select a room/workplace from the list.
    3. Tap the star icon at the top right of the screen and mark the room as a favourite.
    4. The favourite space/workplace appears at the top of the list of available spaces when you next book it.
    5. To remove a space/workplace from the list of favourites, tap the star icon. The room/workplace is removed from the list.
    Mark favourite workspace
  12. Set filters

    With presetting filters, the result of reservation options is tailored to your preferences. Filters can be set after selecting the Book a room or Book a workplace button.

    Set filters
  13. Swipe between plan and list view

    The Planon Live app has two views during booking. The map view (left) and the list view (right). You can easily switch between these screens by swiping or tapping one of icons list or location .

    Switch from list to location