Everything about ICT: WiFi, VPN, passwords, printing, software, and more.

  • Reporting a data breach or security incident

    A stolen phone, data breach, virus infection, phishing email, or other type of security incident? Report it as soon as possible.

  • Code of conduct for ICT and internet use for students

    What are the rules and guidelines for ICT and internet use for students? You can read about it in the ICT and internet use code of conduct. Also known as the Acceptable Use Policy students.

  • ICT Helpdesk

    The ICT Helpdesk is the first point of contact for Radboud University staff and students for their ICT related questions and problems. Email icthelpdesk@ru.nl or call (024 - 36) 22222.

  • My Radboud account

    All staff and students at Radboud University receive a personal Radboud account. This account provides access to the apps and systems you need, and is also your Radboud e-mail address.