Microsoft Teams is an online collaboration tool. With this application, you can chat with people inside and outside Radboud University, make (video) calls, hold online meetings, manage tasks and schedules, and collaborate in real-time on documents. Microsoft Teams integrates various other tools and applications, allowing you to work together effectively and efficiently.

Teams is the place to collaborate. It stores the documents that belong to the group of people you are collaborating with. So this is the perfect place for co-creation. And when you leave Radboud University, these documents will remain available to your colleagues.

Teams is available to both staff and students. On an RU-managed workplace, Teams' desktop client is installed. On a non-managed or private workplace, you can install the desktop application yourself. Find more information on how to do that here.

External access

Teams can also be used to collaborate with external people. Once an external person has been invited, they follow the instructions to access a Team.

Guest access Teams

Additional information

Want to get more out of Teams? Find video training courses for Teams here.

Are you looking for more information about Teams or do you have a specific question? Then use the SelfServicePortal!

Tip: the SelfService Portal has a search functionality. As with other search engines, you can enter one or more search terms at the top of the screen to get a list of search results.


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