Radboud Reflects Certificate 2023-2024

Registering for the certificate 2023-2024 is no longer possible. After the summer recess, registration will be open for the certificate 2024-2025.


Are you a student at Radboud University,  HAN, another university or university of applied sciences? Show others that you are inspired by in-depth lectures on current affairs with the Radboud Reflects Certificate.

How does it work?

  • You register via the registration form. The first time you attend a lecture you ask for your stamp card at the registration desk.
  • You participate in at least five selected programmes of Radboud Reflects in the academic year 2023-2024.
  • You write a review of each of the five programmes in 100 to 120 words:
    In terms of content, what did you learn from it? How did this programme broaden your horizons? Did the programme sharpen your thinking and/or change your insights? Substantiate this.


  • You are a student at Radboud University, HAN, another university or university of applied sciences. Non-students are not eligible for the Radboud Reflects Certificate.
  • You physically attend the entire programme. You do not just watch or listen to the recordings afterwards (these miss the interaction with the audience and only reflect part of the evening). You bring your stamp card to the lecture, have it stamped and hand it in with the review of the five programmes.
  • The review is formulated in your own words, copying from the Radboud Reflects report or using AI is taboo. Reviews can be submitted in English or Dutch.

Assessment and issuance of certificate

Your complete review - one document in Word or pdf, containing the five pieces of text on your selected programmes - should be submitted by 1 July 2024 (before 9am) together with a photo of the full stamp card via info@reflects [at] ru.nl (info[at]reflects[dot]ru[dot]nl).

  • Reviews will be assessed by 15 July 2024 at the latest. 


Register (closed for 2023-2024)

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