Assessment results and inspection

Assessment results

Within 15 working days after the day on which your assessment took place, your lecturer will communicate the results of your assessment via OSIRIS. Depending on your lecturer, partial grades of separate assignments are sometimes announced via Brightspace first, after which your lecturer enters the grades in OSIRIS.

Assessment inspection

You are entitled to an inspection after each assessment to complete the course. You can find the time that the inspection is scheduled in your personal timetable or your lecturer will inform you via Brightspace or by email. Do you have questions about the assessment or the content of the assessment, or do you disagree with something? You can discuss this with your lecturer during the inspection. Is your lecturer not present during the inspection? Then contact your lecturer after the inspection.

Appealing an assessment result

Examining Board

If you and your lecturer cannot agree on the appraisal of your assessment, you can take it up with your programme's Examining Board. Contact your Examining Board via the STIP of your faculty.

Examination Appeals Board

Are you unable to come to an agreement with your lecturer or the Examining Board? It is always possible to appeal to the Examination Appeals Board.