House rules during an assessment

The same house rules apply to all students while taking assessments. Each programme has its own Education and Examination Regulations (OER) with the specific rules for that programme, which include these house rules. The information on this page is a summary of those house rules. We have also listed some more practical information for you on another page.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in you being denied access to the examination room. As a student, you are responsible for being aware of the current house rules. Consult the OER of your study programme for a more detailed version of the house rules.

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Identity check

  • You can only take part in an assessment upon presentation of a valid identity document. A paper copy, file on your mobile phone or expired ID are not valid.

Bringing your belongings

At your personal seat, you are allowed to have with you:

  • Your identity document (mandatory) and campus card
  • Something to eat and/or drink as long as it does not interfere with supervision and/or maintaining the necessary peace and order
  • Tools allowed by your lecturer (such as scrap paper or a calculator)

At your personal seat, you are not allowed to have with you:

  • Your phone
  • A watch
  • Other devices that are not allowed as tools

Switch off all your devices (including watches, laptops, tablets, phones and other smart devices) and store them in your bag. Failure to switch off and/or put away equipment may result in a fraud alert. Coats, bags and other belongings must be stowed.

Entering and leaving the examination room

  • The room is open to participants at least 15 minutes before the start of the assessment.
  • Latecomers may enter until 15 minutes after the start of the assessment.
  • You may not leave the room during the first 30 minutes of the assessment.
  • After the first 30 minutes of the assessment, you may go to the toilet under the supervision of an invigilator.

During the assessment

  • You are required to follow an invigilator's instructions. Failure to comply with instructions may result in a fraud report.

Handing in the assessment

  • You may be required to hand in all issued materials, including draft paper.