Taking a digital assessment in the Comenius building

Are you taking an assessment in the Comenius building in the near future? Then you will take it on a computer that is assigned to you personally. Want to make sure that you are well prepared for your assessment. if so, take a look at the checklist for taking a digital assessment.

Your seat number

You will be assigned a personal seat with a seat number for each assessment in the Comenius building. This number indicates where you should sit and which locker you should use. The seat number is visible at least three working days before the start of the assessment. You will find a link to your seat number in your personal timetable:

  1. Log into your personal timetable and select the assessment you will take.
  2. Click the link containing the seating information and log in.
  3. Your personal seating information for upcoming assessments will appear.

The number is structured as follows (this is an example):

A visual breakdown of the seating numbers used in the Comenius building
  • Building: COM stands for Comenius building. 
  • Entrance: A or B indicates which entrance you must use.
  • Floor: -1/0/1/2 indicates on which floor your seat is located.
  • Seat number: this is your personal seat number as well as your locker. You can find this number on the signage in the building, on your locker, and on your seat.

Having trouble finding your seat number?

Are you unable to find your seating information or are you not registered for the assessment? Please contact your faculty's STIP. They will help you further or refer you.

Extra time and/or other provisions

If you are entitled to extra time or another student-related provision that affects where you will take your assessment, your personal seat number will be adjusted accordingly. You will automatically be allocated to a room with other students who are entitled to student-related provisions. Your personal timetable will also show the end time that applies to you.


Your seat number tells you whether your assessment takes place in Comenius building A or Comenius building B. Both buildings have their own entrance, and there is room at the front for parking bicycles and mopeds.

Access to the examination room

The examination room opens 30 minutes before the start of the assessment. Make sure you arrive on time and try to log in with your student number and password. If you are unable to log in, there is still time to find a solution. This way, you avoid running into technical problems when your assessment has already started and not miss out on time.

A visual explanation of how to use a locker in the Comenius building.


Near your examination room, you will find the locker corresponding to your seat number. To use the locker, you need your campus card.

  1. Hold your campus card in front of the reader and wait until you hear a beep.
  2. Move the handle up to close the locker or down to open it again.

Unable to open/close the locker or don't have a working pass with you? Ask one of our employees for help.

Lost and found

If you have forgotten or lost something during one of your assessments or inspections in the Comenius building, please send an email to e-supportchat [at] ru.nl. Did you lose your identity card, campus card or public transit card? Then you can pick it up at the reception desk in the Grotius building.

Floor plan of the Comenius building

Instructional video


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