Taking a paper assessment

Taking a paper assessment is different from a digital assessment. For example, there are different assessment locations on and off campus, you won't find a seat in your personal timetable and you have to bring your own pen. Want to make sure you go to your assessment well prepared? Check out the checklist for taking a paper assessment.

Assessment location and seating

When you are going to take a paper assessment, you will only find the assessment location, such as the Lecture hall complex, Elinor Ostrom building or the sports halls, in your personal timetable. Candidate lists are posted for assessments in the sports halls or Jan Massinck hall. On these lists you will find your personal table number next to your name. This number corresponds with your seat and must also be written on all your answer and question sheets. At all other locations you will be seated according to the invigilator's instructions.

Please note: at the Nijmegen School of Management and Faculty of Social Sciences, candidate lists are always posted, even when there is no allocated seating.

Assessment location with a student-related provision

Are you making use of a student-related provision? If so, you will receive your assessment location, depending on your faculty, via your personal timetable, by e-mail or via Brightspace one week before the assessment. Make sure that your facilities are correctly linked to your registration. If you use a student-related provision and have an assessment in the sports halls, you will also find your table number on the candidate list.

Colour use during multiple assessments

In the sports halls, assessments of different courses are often taken at the same time. Each assessment has its own colour that corresponds to the seats for that assessment. You will find this colour on the candidate lists.

Access to the examination room

In most cases, you can enter the examination room from 15 minutes before the start of your assessment. Make sure you arrive well in advance so that you have time to check the candidate list if necessary, put your things away and take your seat.

Storing your belongings

For assessments in the sports halls, you can store your personal belongings at the coat racks or under your seat. For other locations, personal belongings should be placed in the examination room according to the invigilator's instructions.

Assessment with multiple choice questions

If you are going to take a multiple choice assessment, you will fill in your answers on a special answer sheet. This sheet is checked automatically. So it is important that you fill in your sheet correctly.

Check out the manual

Handing in your assessment

Finished earlier than the end time? Then raise your hand for an invigilator to come by. When you have finished the assessment or when the end time has passed, hand everything in to the invigilator, including your scrap paper.


Do you have feedback after taking the assessment? Then please contact your faculty's STIP. For feedback on the content of the assessment, contact your lecturer.