Using assessment software

You will take many digital assessments on campus using the assessment software Cirrus. All tutorials for Cirrus can be found in the tutorials for Cirrus Student. In some cases, you may also need to use additional software such as Word, Excel or SPSS when taking a digital assessment. There is a separate manual available for this.

Starting the assessment

The Cirrus login page is ready for you on a laptop or computer at your seat. You can log in immediately with your student number and password. You do not have to wait for the assessment to start to do this. When it is time to start, the PIN you need to start the assessment will be announced.


During the assessment, you will see a taskbar on the left side of your screen with different tools, as shown in the image.

Please note: the numbers next to the icon have been added for clarification purposes. You will not see these numbers during your assessment.

De sidebar die je ziet bij het maken van een digitale toets in Cirrus.

1. Go back to the assessment software

By clicking this button you'll return to your assessment.

2. Technical help with questions or problems

If you are having technical difficulties, you can contact e-support by clicking this button. Have you lost time due to technical issues, and are you unsure whether you have enough time left? Please also use this chat function. An invigilator will come to confirm any allocation of extra time.

3. Digital survey

Some assessments have the option to fill out a digital survey. If available, you can open it by clicking this button. You will then be redirected to a separate web page.

4. Opening an attachment

If your assessment has an attachment, you can open it by clicking this button. If there is no attachment, the icon will be greyed out and not clickable.

5. Calculator

If you are allowed to use a calculator during your assessment, you can open it by clicking this button.

6. Digital scrap paper

If you are allowed to use scrap paper during your assessment, you can open it by clicking this button.

Assessments with extra software

If you require extra software during your assessment, such as Excel or SPSS, your faculty will inform you in advance. Before your assessment, it is advisable to check the manual for assessments with extra software, so that you know what to expect during the assessment.

Saving your answers

Your answers are continuously saved automatically. When time runs out before you can submit your assessment, the answers you have completed will be submitted automatically. Should it be allowed by your lecturer, you can navigate back and forth between questions and correct previous answers.

Demo test

To prepare for your first assessment with Cirrus, you should take the demo test. This is not a substantive assessment, but a general one to get acquainted with the software.