Taking a digital assessment with additional software

Are you taking a digital assessment that requires additional software, such as Excel or SPSS? Then this will be made available to you in the digital assessment environment.


  1. Instructions for additional software in Cirrus

    1. After logging in with your s-number and password, a number of loading screens will appear. Allow these to finish until a pop-up appears.
    2. Select your assessment in the pop-up and click OK. Again, loading screens will appear. The software you need will launch automatically.
    3. As soon as your student number appears on the right-hand side of the screen and the introduction screen of your necessary software has appeared, the digital assessment environment is ready for use.
    4. The Chrome browser has also been launched. Log in with your s-number and password. You can now start the assessment.

Reading software provisions

Please note: Reading software is only available to students who have been granted this as a student-related provision. The provision allows you to use the reading software Readspeaker during your digital assessment in Cirrus. If you have reading software as a facility, please examine the Readspeaker manual in advance.