Dealing with copyright

Are you working on a writing assignment, essay or thesis? Then bear in mind that you will often have to deal with copyright. For example, if you want to use images or text from the internet. In most cases, you need permission for this and must cite the source. Read more about how to deal with copyright and source referencing.

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Using text and images
Dealing with source referencing
Avoiding plagiarism

Using text and imagines from the internet or books 

Almost every image and text is copyrighted. This also applies to the images and texts you can see and download from the internet. It is usually quite easy to find out for yourself who owns the copyright of an image or text and how you can then use it. Sometimes, the material comes with a licence that clarifies how you may reuse it, e.g. a Creative Commons licence. 

On websites such as Pixabay and Pexels, you can download images that you can use for free. However, you must always mention their source. Looking for other ways to find free images? You can read more on this webpage

Summarising educational materials

Do you make or have you made a summary (with images) of a textbook or syllabus? If such summaries are solely for your own use, you don't have to worry about copyright. However, distributing or selling such summaries via social media or a website is classed as copyright infringement and is therefore prohibited.

Writing your thesis

Are you writing your thesis? In most cases, you own the copyright for this.


Dealing with source referencing

It is always necessary to cite the source of the text or image that you use. When doing so, it is important that a reader is able to find the source of the text or image via your citation. The exact way you need to formulate your citation depends on your field.

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Avoiding plagiarism

Plagiarism is when you copy someone else's work and pretend that it is your own. Plagiarism is classed as intellectual theft and is considered fraud in science. Paraphrasing other texts also falls under plagiarism. So, be careful of this when you are working on your writing assignment, essay or thesis.

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More information

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Can't figure it out yourself?

Do you have questions or doubts about whether it's OK to use a text or image? Then you can contact the Radboud University Copyright Information Point.