Extracurricular activities

Would you like to develop yourself alongside your studies? Then there are all kinds of opportunities to do something extra. Need help or want to discuss planning your extracurricular activities? Then see your student advisor

Take extra courses 

Are you looking for more in-depth content? Then consider taking extra courses, or a second bachelor's or master's degree, and discuss your plans with your study advisor.

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Radboud Honours Academy 

Are you looking for academic deepening within your own programme, interdisciplinary broadening within your own discipline, or just broadening beyond the boundaries of your field? Then participation in the Radboud Honours Academy might be for you.

Radboud Honours Academy

Do an internship

An internship is very useful for gaining practical experience and can help you find a job. In some studies, a (research) internship is an integral part of the curriculum. Is this not the case for you? Discuss with your student advisor how and whether you can fit an internship into your study programme.

Do a relevant side job via Campusdetachering 

A relevant side job is very useful for gaining practical experience and can help you find a job. The university offers various opportunities for this. For example, you can work as a student assistant. You can arrange this through campus secondment (Campusdetachering in Dutch).

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Learn a foreign language via Radboud In'to Languages 

Learning a foreign language opens doors. Radboud In'to Languages offers various language and communication courses at different levels.  Students can participate in courses at a reduced rate, up to 50% discount. A great opportunity to work on your language skills and develop yourself. Check out the full offer on their site. 

Radboud In'to Languages

Become active within Nijmegen's Student Life

There are a lot of opportunities to challenge yourself within one of our student organisations. For example, you can join one of our participation bodies, or become active in a committee or board of a study, sports, cultural or social club.

Participational Bodies

Student Life

Prepare yourself for your professional career

There are several things you can undertake to prepare yourself well for your career. For this, check out the information page on career help.

Career Help