Registering for courses

As a student, you will need to personally register via Osiris for the courses that you wish to take for each term or semester

In most cases, you will automatically be registered for the first exam when you register for a course. Always check to see whether you are correctly registered for the exam registration deadline. 


Please use the Course Registration Manual to register for courses.

Exceptions for each faculty

Registration periods may vary from one faculty to another. In addition, there are some exceptions which means students will not need to personally register for courses.

Have you missed a deadline?

If you have missed the registration deadline for a course, please contact the Student Information Desk at your faculty.

Deregistering from a course

If you decide to withdraw from a course, you will need to cancel your registration as soon as possible via Osiris.


Contact the Student Information Desk at your faculty if you have any questions about course registration or deregistration.


Contact the STIP of your faculty for questions about course and examination registration