Registering for exams

A course or study component always concludes with one or more exams. An exam may be an assessment, a paper or an oral exam and always falls within an exam period. If you wish to sit an exam, you will need to be registered for it. You will automatically be registered for the first exam opportunities when you register for a course.


If you need to take a resit, you will need to register yourself for this opportunity via OSIRIS.  

Please use the Exam Registration manual to register for exams and resits.

Once you have successfully registered in Osiris, you will receive a confirmation email about this. Save this confirmation; it is proof of your registration. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact the Student Information Desk at your faculty. 

Please note: If you register for a Master’s course and you have not yet completed your Bachelor’s programme or pre-Master’s programme of study, you will not automatically be registered for the first exam opportunity. You will need to register yourself once you have passed your Bachelor’s exam and you have actually become a Master’s student.  


Each faculty has strict deadlines when it comes to exam and resit registration. You can find your exact deadlines below at the respective faculty.

It is possible to register for an exam until the fifth working day before the exam date. This essentially means that students can register for an exam right up until 11.59 pm on the day prior to the period of five working days before the date of the exam. In other words, there are always five whole working days between the registration deadline and the date of the exam. The day on which the exam is held is not included in this period of five working days.

Once the deadline has passed, registration is no longer possible.

Please note: Radboud University’s non-working days will need to be taken into account during the holidays and the Christmas period.

Missed registration deadline

If you miss the registration deadline, you will no longer be able to register, not even by the Student Information Point Desk

Only if you miss the enrolment deadline due to a special circumstance (e.g. provable illness or special family circumstances), you can submit a formal request to the examination board to still be enrolled. However, even a special circumstance is no guarantee that you can still be enrolled.

Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences should fill in the form: Osiris examination request

Cancelling your exam registration

If you are registered for an exam and you ultimately decide not to sit the exam, it is advisable to deregister before the registration deadline. Failure to do this may have consequences for your distinction. You can cancel your exam registration in Osiris. If you wish to cancel your exam registration within five working days prior to the exam, you will need to report to the Student Information Desk of the faculty where the exam will be held.

Failure of both exam opportunities

If you have failed both exam opportunities for a course or you did not participate in the exam (and you have received an ‘ND’), the next opportunity for sitting the exam will be in the next academic year. If there are special circumstances that have caused problems with your academic plan and you therefore require an extra exam opportunity this year, please contact your student advisor.      

Information for exchange students about registration for and deregistration from exams and resits

As an exchange student at Radboud University, you will automatically be registered for the first exam opportunity for your course(s). If you need to take a resit, you can do so by using this form. 


Contact the Student Information Desk at your faculty if you have any questions about exam registration or deregistration.