Overview of religious services


If you feel the need to confess, feel free to contact our student chaplain Jos Geelen.


Parents with a connection with Radboud University or HAN can have their child baptised during or after the Sunday celebration. For students or employees of Radboud University and HAN who wish to be baptised in adulthood, there is a special pathway called catechumenate.


It is possible to receive Confirmation in a celebration at the University Chaplaincy. By mutual agreement we determine a date and discuss the preparation process.

Anointing of the sick/Funeral

Staff, students or other members of the community who are seriously ill may receive the anointing of the sick. Funeral arrangements can also be made with the University Chaplaincy.


Staff, students or other members of the community can have a wedding celebration in our church. Prior to the celebration, it is also possible to have some preparatory conversations on marriage.

Contact about religious services

For more information on religious services, please contact Jos Geelen.

(024) 361 91 88

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