Social activities at the University Chaplaincy

Every week we meet in the University Chaplaincy for a meal, choir rehearsals or, for example, a movie night. This page lists all our recurring social activities.

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1-on-1 conversation with pastors

By appointment

You can contact our pastors for a confidential personal conversation. This could be about things you are struggling with, such as difficult choices, study problems, dealing with others, loneliness, but also about your own ambitions, relationships and sexuality or questions about your faith, values or meaning. Topics you may not want or be able to discuss with your parents, friends and lecturers. A listening ear from someone outside your own circle can often help you further.

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Walk-in hour

You are also welcome without an appointment at the ALL EARS walk-in hour on the HAN University of Applied Sciences campus. This takes place every Wednesday. Besides the talk, you can take part in the meditation moment that precedes it. The meditation moment starts at 1.30 pm; the walk-in consultation hour at 2 pm (Kapittelweg 35, room 4.38). You do not need to register. These sessions are guided by our student pastor Nicole Schubert.

Support with loss and grief

If you have lost a family member or friend, it can have a deep impact on your life. In collaboration with a student psychologist, the University Chaplaincy offers you the opportunity to talk about this in a grief group. You can also participate in our mourning workshop, set up a memorial space or organise a memorial service. Of course, you can also just walk in and light a candle at our statue of Mary or in the mourning corner.

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Discussion groups

Meaning in my life

What gives meaning to my life? How to deal with the (un)meaning of life? Explore meaning themes together in a small group, playfully and in-depth. Keep an eye on our agenda and Instagram page for the next edition. This discussion group is guided by our student pastor Nicole Schubert.

Coloured conversations

Growing up with two cultures can be enriching, but sometimes difficult due to the 'friction' of two cultures. This discussion group for students from multicultural backgrounds meets once every three weeks. During these sessions, we share our experiences around different values, expectations from the environment, relationships, religion and much more. This discussion group is guided by our student pastor Marieke Fernhout.

Long covid group

In this online discussion group, students with long covid can share their concerns, questions and experiences. From time to time, an expert in a particular field joins, such as an immunologist or a GP. This discussion group is guided by our student pastor Marieke Fernhout.


Come meditate at the University Chaplaincy! You can do this in our silence room or join one of our groups: Silence4You, Inside Out or MeditAction. Keep an eye on our agenda and Instagram page for the next editions.

Excursions and retreats


We regularly organise day trips to cultural and religious sites in the Benelux and Europe. Especially for international students and PhD students, the trips offer a great way to get to know the region and new people. For example, every year we go to Auschwitz and for a retreat week to Taizé in France. We visit a Christmas market in Germany or religious expositions. Keep an eye on our agenda and Instagram page for upcoming excursions.

24-hour retreat

Do you feel like getting away from everything and recharging your battery properly? And are you curious about a monastery in today's society? We regularly organise a 24-hour retreat with overnight stay for this purpose at the Dominican Monastery in Huissen. Time for yourself, meeting in the group, beautiful nature, silence, sharing, walking. Nothing is mandatory and there is a lot of freedom - tailored to your needs and the rhythm of the monastery. Keep an eye on our agenda and Instagram page for the next edition. The 24-hour retreat is guided by our student pastor Nicole Schubert.

2-day retreat

Several times throughout the year, student pastor Jos Geelen organises a 2-day retreat (Friday and Saturday) to a monastery in Weert or Dordrecht. For more information, please send an email to joseph.geelen [at]

Singing in a student choir

Do you like singing? There are several student choirs active every week in the University Chaplaincy. Check out all the information on their websites.

Monday19.00 - 22.00Campus Choir
Tuesday20.00 - 22.00Nijmegen Student Choir Alphons Diepenbrock 
Wednesday18.00 - 20.00Nijmegen Student Schola (Gregorian)
First Friday of the month16.00 - 16.45Mantra singing (in the University Chaplaincy)
Sunday10.00 - 11.00Sunday Choir

Meet & Eat

Meet & Eat has been a household name within the University Chaplaincy for years. It is a low-threshold way to meet fellow students and learn about dishes from other cultures. Every Wednesday evening, students from all parts of the world come together to cook, eat and meet each other.

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Dito dare to lunch

Dito is an organisation for queer young people from Nijmegen between 18 and 28 years old. They organise a free lunch every second and fourth Thursday of the month from 12.30 to 14.00 in the living room of the University Chaplaincy. They also organise other activities such as get-togethers and game nights, and are committed to promoting visibility and acceptance of queer people in Nijmegen. Dito has been around since 1984, making it the oldest queer youth organisation in the Netherlands.

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Repair & Restyle Café

Come fight wastefulness, upcycle your clothes and learn tricks with needle, thread and sewing machine at the Repair & Restyle Café! Bring your own clothes that you want to mend, pimp and/or restyle. We will provide all the complementary materials. For more information, please send an email to marieke.fernhout [at]

Film night

Every first and third Sunday of the month, starting at 7 pm, we watch a fine arts film in the living room of the University Chaplaincy. Afterwards, we share our thoughts, feelings and our own take on the film to broaden our horizons. The film evening is in English and all films have English subtitles. The film on the first Sunday of the month is not religious and the one on the third Sunday of the month is religious. You can sign up by sending an email to joseph.geelen [at]

Potluck dinner

Every second Sunday of the month, we hold a potluck dinner at 7 pm. Everyone brings something to eat to share and the cooking team provides some snacks. You can sign up by sending an email to joseph.geelen [at]

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