The student card you receive after registration, and what to do if it is lost or broken.

  • Uploading a photo for your student card

    When you start your study programme at Radboud University, you will need to upload a passport photo for your student card. See the ‘Uploading a photo for your student card’ page for the list of photo requirements and the upload instructions.

  • Applying for your student card

    You will be issued with a student card at the beginning of your studies; your card will remain valid throughout the duration of your entire study programme. You will receive your card as soon as you have registered and uploaded your passport photo.

  • Using your student card

    The ‘Using your student card’ page contains information about how you can use your student card at the university as well as details on the benefits that the student card offers beyond Radboud University.

  • Lost, stolen or damaged student card

    If you have lost your student card, you can apply for a new one at the Student Information Desk. A new card costs €25.00; you can pay by debit card at the Student Information Desk. Damaged or stolen student cards will be replaced free of charge.