Admission during the current academic year

Some Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes allow students to be admitted later in the academic year. However, this is only possible if it fits in with the programme’s curriculum and if you have gained permission from the study programme’s Admissions Committee. The only students who can be admitted to a Bachelor’s study programme are senior students, first year students can only start in September.

When can you apply?

You may apply in Studielink until the 20th day of the month that precedes the month in which the registration is due to begin. For example, if you wish to register from 1 December onwards, you have until 20 November to submit your enrolment request in Studielink.

You can register two months in advance as of the first of a specific month. For example, if you want to register as of 1 March, you can submit the enrolment request in Studielink from 1 January.

Registration process

You must submit a ‘new enrolment request’ in Studielink for the study for which you wish to register. You will then receive a digital questionnaire. Once you have submitted the completed questionnaire, the Admissions Committee shall assess whether you will be able to start on the date that you specified in Studielink. You will be sent an email, which will inform you of whether you will be admitted on your chosen date and whether there are any additional admission requirements that you will need to meet.

Readmission following temporary suspension of your studies

If you were already taking a study programme at Radboud University and you wish to be readmitted, you will need to submit a ‘new enrolment request’ in Studielink for the study programme for which you wish to register.


The tuition fees will be calculated proportionately over the remaining part of the academic year for which you wish to register, which means that you will pay one twelfth of the total amount of tuition fees for each of the remaining months of the academic year.  Payment can be arranged in several different ways.

Please note that late registration may affect your student loan. If you are not registered, you will not be entitled to a student loan. What’s more, the Education Executive Agency (DUO) charges a substantial fine for unlawful possession of a public transport pass.

Admission of students from other universities

If you are a student from another university and you wish to be admitted to a study programme, please contact the student advisor for the study programme in question. The contact details for the student advisor can be found on the page for the relevant study programme.