Applying for your qualification

You will be allowed to graduate when you have earned enough study credits. Apply for your qualification and deregister.

Requirements for applying for your qualification

As a student, there are a number of requirements that you will need to meet before you can apply for your qualification. You can only apply for your qualification if: 

  • All of your results have been registered in Osiris. Please check carefully to see whether all of your results have been registered and contact the relevant lecturer if any results are missing. 
  • You are registered for the relevant study programme for which you have applied for your qualification on the date that the exam is being held. Please note: there should not be more than six weeks between the exam date and the date on which you apply for your Bachelor’s diploma. 
  • You have fulfilled your payment obligations and paid all of your tuition fees. 

Thesis repository

Radboud University has set up a thesis repository to which theses can be uploaded and made accessible to third parties. When you apply for your qualification, you can indicate whether you agree to have your thesis published.

Applying for your qualification

The procedure for applying for your qualification differs for each faculty. Read the information below to see which requirements apply to your faculty.


You may, if you meet the requirements, be eligible for a distinction when completing a programme. The guidelines for this are the same throughout Radboud University. You do not have to apply for a distinction; it will be calculated when processing your degree application. 

Certificate for administrative and participational bodies

If you have done any administrative or participatory work during your study programme, you can apply for a ‘Certificate for Administrative and Participatory Work’ when you graduate. The full set of regulations for the ‘Certificate for Administrative and Participatory Work’ can be found here. These regulations contain information about the criteria and the procedure for applying for the certificate.

Once you have graduated, you can use this link to apply for the ‘Certificate for Administrative and Participatory Work’ in Osiris. Please note that you can only apply for the certificate once you have graduated.

Examination date and deregistration date

The examination date is the date on which you will officially graduate: this is the date that will also be shown on your qualification. If you apply for your qualification within a month of the last result that you obtained, the date on which you obtained this final result will become your examination date. If you apply for your qualification at a later date, your examination date will be the same as the date on which you submitted your request. If you submit your request at the weekend or on a public holiday, your examination date will be the following working day.

For example: if a favourable result for your Bachelor’s thesis was entered in Osiris on 6 November and your assessment date was 30 October, your examination date will be 30 October and your deregistration date will be 1 November. This will be the case even if you requested a copy of your qualification on 6 November.

The examination date is essential information for deregistering in Studielink, and for your tuition fees and your public transport pass. Please visit this page for more information. In an effort to prevent unnecessary problems in the future, we urge you to terminate your financial aid and cancel your public transport pass as soon as possible. Any matters pertaining your financial aid can be arranged via DUO.

Exception Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science has a set exam date each month. It is not posiible to apply for a qualification with a date in the past.

Following your application

It will take several weeks to process your application. Your study programme will notify you about this process. 

Have you completed your studies?

Are you planning to follow a Master's programme at Radboud University?


You will receive your qualification during the graduation ceremony. If you are not able to attend the graduation ceremony, you can choose to have a reception desk graduation.