Register for a different study programme

If you have already submitted your (re-)enrolment in Studielink and decide to change programmes, you will be able to change this. Changing your programme before 1 September will be slightly different from after 1 September.

Changing study programmes before 1 September

  1. Withdraw the enrolment for the first enrolment in full;

  2. Submit a new enrolment request for the new programme.

If you have been re-enrolled in a programme with a Numerus Fixus, continue your enrolment in Studielink. If it concerns other specific admission requirements, your previous education will first have to be assessed by the admissions committee. If you apply after 1 July, we can no longer guarantee that you will be able to start on 1 September if you have been admitted.

In some cases, a change may have consequences for the tuition fee.

Changing courses after 1 September

If you decide to change programmes after 1 September, you can also arrange this via Studielink.

The difference with the procedure above is that you will have to cancel your first enrolment. To do so, you will have to deregister via Studielink. You will then place a new enrolment request for, only, the new study.

Later enrolment is only possible with permission from the examination board of the relevant study programme. Permission to enrol at a later stage should be arranged through the programme. They must assess whether you can still be fitted into the study programme. They will then inform our administration.