Sustainability Testimony for Bachelor’s diplomas

Did you explore sustainability issues during your studies? To prove it, you can have a Sustainability Testimony added to your Bachelor’s diploma. 

The testimony is an addition to your Bachelor’s diploma supplement. This demonstrates that you paid particular attention to sustainability issues during your studies by successfully completing a number of sustainability courses and by writing your Bachelor’s thesis on a sustainability topic.

The testimony is currently available to students at the following faculties:

  • Nijmegen School of Management
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies
  • Faculty of Social Sciences (from September 2023)

It is our aim to offer this to all students in the future.

Requirements for the Sustainability Testimony

To obtain the Sustainability Testimony, you must:

  • ensure that you meet the course requirements of the sustainability courses you want to take;
  • inform your supervisor – before you start your Bachelor’s thesis – that you want to write a thesis that meets the Sustainability Testimony requirements. Discuss and finalise the scope and content of your thesis with your supervisor. When you have completed your Bachelor’s thesis, your supervisor will indicate on the result registration form that your thesis complies with the testimony requirements. If necessary, you should check with your supervisor to ensure that your choices meet the requirements. (IMPORTANT: If your degree programme is going to assign topics based on preferences, make sure your choices are all on topics you think you can relate to one or more SDGs);
  • indicate your eligibility for the Sustainability Testimony when applying for your diploma.

Each faculty also has its own specific requirements.

Courses from previous academic years

If you completed courses included on the list of sustainable Bachelor’s courses in previous academic years, they will be taken into account as well.



Send your general questions to the Radboud Green Office: greenoffice [at] (greenoffice[at]ru[dot]nl).

For more specific questions about the terms and conditions or the application process within your degree programme, please contact the Student Information Desk (STIP)