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Studying is more than attending lectures. It is getting to know new people, developing yourself, moving out, and making the best of your time as a student. Visit activities, join a student organisation and/or dive into the pub. Find out what suits you!

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Nijmegen student life

With over 150 student associations and organisations, there is always something to do aside from studying at Radboud University. Find out what suits you and make the most of your time as a student!

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  • Doing a board year is one of the best choices I have ever made!
    Testimonial Sam van Stokkom
    Sam van Stokkom Secretaris Studievereniging KNUS Read Sam's story

Workshops and events for active students

First aid for mental help in your social environment

This activity is in Dutch. What do you do when you notice that someone around you is not doing well? Or when you are not doing well yourself? When is it time to raise the alarm? How can you discuss this with others? And what can you do about it? In...

Meditative singing

Singing together helps you relax and connect! Join us and sing the beautiful meditative songs of Taizé and Iona together with your fellow students in the Student Chaplaincy. No singing experience is required for this workshop: everyone is welcome to...


SoulCollage is an easy, enjoyable, intuitive collage process for self-discovery and community. The SoulCollage method helps you discover your unique inner/outer guides and challenges, and it helps you access your own wisdom to answer your life...