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Studying is more than attending lectures. It is getting to know new people, developing yourself, moving out, and making the best of your time as a student. Visit activities, join a student organisation and/or dive into the pub. Find out what suits you!

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Nijmegen student life

With over 150 student associations and organisations, there is always something to do aside from studying at Radboud University. Find out what suits you and make the most of your time as a student!

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  • Doing a board year is one of the best choices I have ever made!
    Testimonial Sam van Stokkom
    Sam van Stokkom Secretaris Studievereniging KNUS Read Sam's story

Workshops and events for active students

Movie Night

The film will be in English. As a student, you are used to balancing many activities and working hard on multiple things at the same time. This means that quite often, there is no time for real relaxation. Everyone who feels like recharging their...

Sustainable nutrition on a budget

Sustainable, healthy, easy and quick meals do not have to be expensive. During this online lecture, you will learn more about the ecological footprint of different diets, mono- and duo-cropping, animal agriculture and what we can do to eat a more...

Overcoming fear of failure

This activity is in Dutch. During this talk you will learn more about dealing with a fear of failure. You will get practical recommendations about the best ways to deal with this fear and how to overcome it when studying. Afterwards there is time for...