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  • European Student Organisation AEGEE-Nijmegen
  • European Law Students' Organisation ELSA
  • International Federation of Medical Students Organisation IFMSA
  • International student organisationAIESEC Nijmegen
  • International student organisationUnited Netherlands
  • Erasmus Student Network Nijmegen ESN
  • Umbrella organisation of the international student organisations Nijmegen ISON

Special Interests 


Faculty of Law

     Faculty of Arts

      • Study organisation Cultural studies: KNUS
      • Study organisation American Studies: USA
      • Study organisation Communication and Information Studies: Babylon
      • Study organisation German Language and Culture: DVN
      • Study organisation English Language and Culture: GAG
      • Study organisation History: GSV Excalibur
      • Study organisation Greek and Latin Language and Culture: Sodalicium Classicum Noviomagense
      • Study organisation Art history: OSK
      • Study organisation Dutch Language and Culture: SVN
      • Study organisation Romance Languages and Cultures: ¿Ouisí?
      • Study organisation Linguistics: InTenS
      • Umbrella organisation of the study organisations of the faculty of arts: LETO

      Faculty of Social Sciences

      • Study organisation Behavioural Science: Maizena
      • Study organisation Behaviour Change: B-Change
      • Study organisation Cognitive Neuroscience: Dondrite
      • Study organisation Communication Science: Mycelium
      • Study organisation Anthropology and Development Studies: Umoja
      • Study organisation Healthcare Psychology: Halo
      • Study organisation Artificial Intelligence: CognAC
      • Study organisation The Dutch Association of Psychologists: SPS-NIP
      • Study organisation Pedagogical and Educational Sciences: Postelein
      • Study organisation Psychology: SPiN
      • Study organisation Social and Cultural Sciences: Mosaic
      • Study organisation Sociology: Den Geitenwollen Soc
      • Umbrella organisation of the study organisations of the faculty of social sciences: Kompanio

      Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies

      • Faculty organisation Theology, Religious Studies and Islam Studies: AWAZ
      • Study organisation Philosophy: Sophia

      Faculty of Management

        Faculty of Medical Sciences

        • Faculty organisation of Medical Sciences: MFVN
        • Faculty organisation Dentistry: TFV
        • International Federation of Medical Students Organisations: IFMSA
        • Organisation Surgery for Medical Students: VCMS
        • Information residency in a developing country: Stichting Tropico

        Faculty of Science

        Other study organisations

        • Umbrella organisation of all study organisations: SOFv
        • Study organisation for students of the honours programme: NSHV