Student support

Radboud University offers support to students whom, for whatever reason, need help to successfully complete their studies. Get advice from a member of our student support team, join a course or training, or take advantage of a regulation.

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We are here for you

You can get support from student advisors, student psychologists, student counsellors, study trainers, study and career counsellors, career officers and confidential advisors. A lot of options. Check the infographic for an overview of the total range of support we offer, or read more about a specific counsellor. Are you unsure who to contact with your questions? Fill in the step-by-step plan.

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Find your counsellor

Step-by-step plan

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Workshops and courses

We offer workshops, courses and training sessions on, for example, personal development, study skills, and thesis issues. 

Full programme

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Work on your wellbeing

Radboud University offers you the opportunity to follow self-help programmes from Gezondeboel. This allows you to work on your health and well-being by yourself. The programmes are completely free of charge for Radboud students. 
Are you worried about your substance use or gaming behavior? If so, you can also contact a Moti4 prevention officer free of charge.  

To Gezondeboel

To Moti4

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Top athletes

Read how we can support you in combining your studies with being a top athlete.

Studying as a top athlete
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Arts and culture

Read how we can support you in combining your studieswith top-level talent in arts and culture.

Studying as a top-level talent
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Read how we can support you in combining your studies with a disability.

Studying with a disability
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Read how we can support you in combining your studies with being or becoming a parent.

Studying as a parent
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Informal care

Read how we can support you in combining your studies with informal care.

Studying and informal care
Working at Radboud University

Career advice

Read how we can support you in preparing for your career.


Financial support

If you have a study delay or have financial difficulties, you can get financial support.

Available financial support

Adapted studying

Do you combine your studies with, for example, being a board member or informal care, or do you have a disability? Check out the option of adapted studying.

About adapted studying