Jacqueline Heijen

A portrait of Jacqueline Heijen
In this role, I can make an impact on the well-being of all staff members at Radboud University.
Jacqueline Heijen
Current role
HR policy advisor

Jacqueline Heijen is HR policy advisor at Radboud University.

“My job as HR policy advisor is incredibly broad and dynamic. I basically develop, coordinate and implement policies on university-wide strategic HR issues. I advise different parties about complex and multifaceted policy issues. I then translate these themes into specific projects and programmes, which I often also personally coordinate. My focus is on topics such as workload, recognition and rewards, sick leave and well-being. Promoting the well-being of staff members is very important to me and I find it inspiring that my job allows me to make an impact in that respect.

As HR policy adviser, you’re given ample scope to carry out projects in the way you conceived this together with the organisation. Because the university is a heterogeneous organisation, there is often no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why I often enter into discussions with different groups so that we can work together to achieve specific results. Having this responsibility makes my job super rewarding. It’s so satisfying when you’re able to work together with colleagues to create a new service that’s going to help many people.

Within our department, the mutual contact between colleagues is good and close. When I started working here, I liked the fact that I was able to take on projects on my own so quickly. In an effort to help me, my senior colleagues let me observe their projects and explained everything to me in great detail. This meant I was well-prepared to start working on my own policy issues. We still have a good relationship and I know that I can always turn to them for help and advice.

New issues are always emerging and the role of HR within the university is becoming increasingly important, and that’s why my job is so interesting and challenging. For me, it’s the combination of the many growth opportunities and my friendly colleagues that makes Radboud University such a wonderful employer.”